Have fun, get exercise and learn to play soccer by being a part of Rising Star!
Due to USA Soccer’s mandate to move from school year to birth year, age groupings are as follows:

If your child’s birth date falls between:   Micro (U6)                    2016-2017 (3 vs 3 format)

                                                                        U8                       2014-2015 (new 4 vs 4 format)

                                                                        U10                     2012-2013 (7 vs 7)

                                                                        U12                     2010-2011 (9 vs 9)

                                                                        U15                     2007-2008-2009 (9 vs 9)

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Registration for Spring 2022 is now closed. Thank you to all who registered.
Teams will be formed soon and coaches will contact their players. 
If you have questions, please email risingstarvicepresident@gmail.com