Starting in Fall 2018, Rising Star Soccer Club travel teams participated in the LANCO league.  The club has been prompted by parental requests as well as a desire to retain players and coaches who wish to compete at a higher level.  We initially fielded girls teams for 2007 and 2009 birth years with both teams having successful seasons.  We expanded our team count in Fall 2019 with a 2011 boys team.

We remain committed to rec soccer in the LVYSL so kids who do not make or are not interested in travel teams will still have a place to play.  We implemented Travel the same way we do rec, transparently and fairly.  Following our successful seasons, we hope to expand in future years, assuming player and coach interest and access to enough field space.

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We hope to be able to count on the same support and interest that you’ve given us in the past and feel that we can offer a great environment for the kids to enjoy playing soccer.

Questions regarding the travel soccer program at Rising Star can be sent to:

Thank you to all who came out for our travel tryouts. We are excited to add a 4th team to our travel program this fall! Joining the 2007 girls, 2009 girls and 2011 boys will be a new 2011 girls team.